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Perfect Bags

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   Cangnan Perfect Bags Co., Ltdestablished in 2002, is a professional developer and manufacturer of non-woven fabric products, which has won the great reputation for its big choice of fancy products that sell well in countries like USA, EU, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore. Our products are widely applied to supermarket, exhibition promotion, food pack, tourist articles and garments. In pace with the growth of today¡¯s awareness for environment protection, our environment-friendly non-woven fabric bags have been winning the wide acceptance by more and more countries.
¡¡¡¡ Our products cover non-woven fabric gift packs, PP Woven Bag , PP Non-woven Bag, Shoulder Bag, Bottle Bag, Foldable Bag, Apron,Non-woven Bag,Drawstring Bag,Paper Bag,Cooler Bag,Suit Cover,name card holder, flocked series, apron as promotion gift, and packing bags for shoes and other leathers. Our products are made of non-woven fabric that¡¯s the environment-friendly material with good prosperities like water resistance, air penetration, softness but toughness, no aid to combustion, no toxin and irritation, and rich colors. The material may decompose naturally within 90 days under outdoors conditions, and within 5 years indoor; while burning, it does not send out toxic gas or smell, and produces no residue; as such, it does not cause environment polluted. Our products are low at price but high in quality, which are ideal for business promotion. Moreover, we are dedicated to supplying our client with the tailor-made design service, high-quality production, and prompt delivery.
¡¡¡¡ We have set up the good business relationship with most domestic and overseas traders; and we are striving for ¡°offering products with the latest design and in highest quality¡± and aiming to ¡°make our customers content with our quality and services¡±.
¡¡¡¡ We are always keeping innovation on our workmanship and laying stress on development of new products; we are confident that we are capable to meet the growing market demand. Client¡¯s orders are welcome!

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